MFX Fitness is the creation of celebrity trainer Matt Field. For over a decade, Matt has been the best-kept secret of the rich and famous. With high-profile clients from the world of sport, business, fashion and entertainment, Matt is responsible for many of the bodies you see in magazines, online and in the movies, and contributed to many high-profile magazines, nationals and broadcast shows.


Matt holds degrees in Sport Science and Biology and a Masters degree in Exercise Science from The University of Bristol. His groundbreaking research has been featured throughout the world’s press and has been presented at the highly prestigious American College of Sports Medicine and British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences Conferences. No fads. No Gimmicks. Matt created the MFX Fitness Method based upon his thorough understanding of precisely how your body works, and how to get the best out of it.


Matt’s unique, personality-led teaching style makes his fitness classes a must-try experience, with a huge selection of high-profile clients who all consider Matt’s classes a must whenever they visit, London.


Matt’s reputation for his unique teaching style, his knowledge, experience and track record means he is regularly visited by Pilates Teachers, Fitness Professionals, and medical practitioners from around the world. Matt’s hands-on training is designed to refine current practice and encourage them to acquire the confidence and skills to develop their own unique style.