MFX is now offering licensing opportunities to select fitness studios. The MFX Fitness program can take your studio to the next level by keeping your current clients motivated while attracting new converts. The MFX License program works as a freestanding business, or in addition to a pre-existing Barre or Pilates Studio, Health Club or Fitness Centre.


With a growing worldwide collective of MFX Licensed studios your client base is growing every day. Use the globally recognised MFX brand to promote your studio and access to Matt Field, his exclusive exercise method and his celebrity clientele.Become part of growing community of MFX addicts. Take part in worldwide MFX competitions, partnerships and share innovative practices with the Certified MFX Trainer Exchange Program.

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Gain access to MFX’s state-of-the-art teacher training program, equipment and method for greater success.

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With the right investment, commitment and passion for service it shouldn’t be long before you start to see the rewards. Matt will be with you every step of the way. Providing start-up advice, trainer development, retention strategies and membership to the worldwide MFX Collective. All designed to provide you with everything you need to be operating at full capacity within six months and planning your second studio location within one year.


Matt will personally travel to your studio to train your team. Continuing to update routines and exercises that will keep your trainers and clientele challenged and motivated. MFX can provide you with fantastic press and consumer buzz. MFX licensed studios have access to discounts on machines and equipment. Stay ahead of your competitors with our exclusive program.


The MFX Fitness Teacher Training program offers a progressive curriculum that covers the vast knowledge and unique skill-set required to be a successful group teacher. From basic teaching practices to the art of class motivation. Innovation, on-going education and professional development are part of the culture of success within MFX and the program encourages all instructors to combine the core concepts of the MFX Fitness Method with their individual personalities to develop their own signature style. All teachers who successfully complete the MFX Teacher Training Program will be certified to teach MFX at any MFX licensed studio worldwide.