Everybody thinks that the stars are born perfect. The truth is, they have all the same problems as the rest of us. Through the years they have picked up lots of secrets to help them to get in shape at a moments notice, here I let you in on a few of the basics.


I always hear people complaining about how easy it is for celebs to lose weight. After all, we can’t all afford a personal trainer can we?  But there’s a reason behind their thinking. They have very little time to get in shape, they need to guarantee results. They know this is going to be hard work so they know they need to need to work out hard.

The truth is you are never going to get in shape if you and your friends are meeting every morning for a one hour stroll through the park, followed by a blueberry muffin and a “tall , skinny, no foam, no froth mocha chocha latte.” The thing is it’s great that you find time to catch up on all the latest gossip, but your friends are sabotaging your progress, or worse you are sabotaging theirs. Find workout buddies who have the same goals as you, agree that if you are going to do this you need to do it properly. If you can’t get this from your friends, hire a trainer. Yes it’s expensive in the short term, but it will change your life in the long term.


If you really want to get lose weight, try a favorite weight loss tip from the stars: add strength training! Strength training is a great way to add lean muscle mass, which burns fat, and prevents excess body fat. Many women avoid training with weights because they are convinced they will bulk up, but provided you find a great trainer who can design you a personalized program it will fire your metabolism and helps give your muscles shape and definition. Aim for short duration but high quality intense workouts for best weight loss results.


This is one trick I use with all my clients. Just don’t eat carbs at dinner. It doesn’t mean you can’t have carbs, but be sure to choose healthy carb sources like oats, sweet potatoes or quinoa, and eat them for breakfast or lunch. The most important thing is to emphasize eating strictly vegetables and protein at dinner, not carbs. That way, your body can burn off the carbs during the day if you eat them early, and not convert them to sugar or store fat during the night when you are asleep.


Celebrities from Victoria’s Secret models, to Jennifer Aniston and even Madonna have all hailed the virtues of Pilates, which tightens and strengthens your body. It also burns calories in a way that is less damaging to your joints and muscles than running or heavy lifting. Although I always recommend you find a teacher who understands you want to really transform your body shape into a lean machine, not just lie on your back breathing to sounds of the rainforest. Pilates can be great for tightening and toning problem areas, and is suitable for almost anyone regardless of age or experience.


Just because your favourite celeb always looks amazing when you see them in the latest magazine or movie, it doesn’t mean they look like this all year round. Most celebs practice moderate dieting, sticking to a diet of lean protein, veggies and healthy carbs and exercising between 3-5 times a week. When they need to get in shape for work, they are able to make small adjustments to drop the few extra pounds fast. Such as cutting carbs at dinner, cutting out all comfort foods ands increasing the intensity and frequency of their workouts. Nobody can be perfect 100% of the time, and why would you want to, isn’t life meant to be for living? Practice moderation when dieting so you don’t yo-yo. You’ll still lose weight, and won’t feel as though you’re constantly missing out.